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As lazy as I am, I will speak to you everyday, so I can see how much I love you.


Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.


Many people say that marriage is the tomb of love, but the love of being able to settle in is better than killing the street.


Now I find that I am just a convenience sticker and can be abandoned at any time.


It is better to fail in what you love than to succeed in something you hate.


Even if it is broken, missing memories, breaking the past, love traces are in the palm of your hand.


My heart is a crooked brook, and it will flow to you in the end.


Love is only a limited period commodity, there will be the end of the day.


Accustomed to weakness, the heart will gradually weaken, accustomed to dependence, will gradually forget how to rely on themselves.


You are aura, I am stupid; you are delicate, I am rustic; you smell, I am angry; you are angry, I am angry. Everything is only for you.


Happiness is like the shadow behind you, you can not catch it, but as long as you go forward, it will always follow you.


I like you to buy what I love, remember what I forget and think about what I want.


In this lifetime, I don't need much, just a bowl of rice and a cup of tea, but I hope the rice is made by you and the tea is made by you.


I have not forgotten the promise we made. Even if I betrayed the agreement, I had no choice.


For your good, I will think about it. Your poor, I choose to be dumb.


Before I knew you, no one believed that I was a person to rely on; it was you who made me believe in myself.


In this age of sentimentality, dear, at best, it is a hello.


If one day you say that you are about to leave, I will lose myself in the boundless sea.


I hope we can not send you home in the future, but we will go back to our home together!


Leave, let everything become simple, let all have reason to be reforgiven, let us go back.


If anyone seeks, no woman in the world is floating. Because of this, women will be so fascinated.


Listen, I allow you to like me. We have no alternative but to grow old together.


I miss you not because of my loneliness, but because I feel lonely when I miss you. The reason why I feel lonely is so heavy just because I think too deeply.


A faint eye is your serious commitment, the quiet moment is the whole life of me, I do not want to leave you.


You are everything when you are here; everything is you when you are away. My love is eternal.


Don't say I'm good. I'm not that good. Don't say I'm not good. I'm not that bad either. I am me, love or not, you are free.


From now on, Ansheng is a bright and kind-hearted child. He knows how to work hard and starts to live a good life.


Whatever you want, I will give it to you as long as I have it. What are you going to do outside?


Allow me to build a beautiful cottage in your heart, never mind others say it is illegal.


Although I can't satisfy your greatest material life, I can satisfy my heart.


When I like you, I am dumb, I dare not talk to you, I dare not face you.


Emotion is so wonderful, always do not believe in love at first sight I began to believe: love at first sight is the soul of love.


Be the first person to wake you up in the morning and be the last person to watch you fall asleep at night.


I am self willed, I am stubborn, I am mean, I am jealous. But if I don't love you, who cares so much.


When the breeze blows away the summer and all the pessimistic clutches, I have already smiled in this world.


The day we meet with you is the starting point of our whole life. It is my whole life's happiness to love you.


In love, there is always a protagonist and a supporting role, tired is always the protagonist, injured is always the supporting role.


If you hate me, I don't mind at all. I do not live to please you.


You are the distant place that I can not expect. I am the humble you can touch.


Love, first of all, means dedication. It means giving the power of your heart to the person you love and creating happiness for the person you love.


Now that I have chosen, I have to go on, overdraw my emotions, and I become indifferent.


Happiness is walking with your lover. Happiness is eating your mother's favorite dishes. Happiness is the children's turning around your heels.


The struggle for happiness, no matter how hard it is, is not pain, but happiness, not tragedy, but drama.


Love begins with confession, confession begins with feeling, and feeling begins with seeing you at first sight.


You will meet such a person, you touched him, he moved you.


If falling in love with you is a mistake, I believe it will be the most beautiful mistake in life, I would rather miss my whole life.


There are tens of millions of reasons to leave you, but there will always be an excuse to leave behind.


Nobody can add or subtract love and figure out how long and how far it will take us to find him.


In my dream, my girlfriend robbed my boyfriend. I cried. When I woke up, I found that I had neither a girlfriend nor a boyfriend.


When I am in love, I feel that he is not afraid of anything. After losing, he is afraid of anything related to him.


Like Gu Li's character, she said that no material love is just a plate of sand.


The deepest love is not necessarily the most suitable for oneself, but the most suitable one is not necessarily the deepest love.


Always in the torn moment, it can reflect its unforgettable beauty.


Time takes away innocence, dilutes feelings and destroys dreams.


Think of you in the day, think of you in the night, dream around you, look at you in the eyes, hold you in the hand, love you in the heart!


How many stars are there in the sky, how many girls are there in the world? But there is only one moon in the sky, there is only one you in the world.


The grievances that can be said are not grievances; those who can take away are not lovers.


Love, until after injury, is always sorry, even if you can not feel me.


Margin is the beginning of love and love is the process of love. Let's find the result of love in the ocean of margin and love together.

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